• Calibration

    For LED Display

    VU-Smart is a professional calibration system for LED Display, has many advantages such as Accuracy, High Efficiency, Open And Compatible, and so on. Can solve the LED display chromatic, color mosaic, and other problems.
  • Resistance Measure

    For LED Display

    LED ColorDoser is a white balance resistance measurement system, can accurately measure the brightness and color coordinates of LED display, can quickly measure the resistance of white balance target value.
  • Gamma Calibration

    For LED Display

    Gamma Yoda is a gamma curve calibration system, can automatically measure brightness and different gray scale values of LED display, make chroma calibration more accurate, realize the mix of different batches of LED display.
  • Video Signal Corrector

    For LED Display

    VU Visual Box is an assistant device for LED display calibration. VU Visual Box can process signal source through DVI or HDMI in real time by using the LED display calibration coefficient, thus the screen display as being after calibration.

CAS.VU Technologies Co., Ltd is a high-tech company focus on pixel-level calibration solution for LED displays. The company is supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology.
Integrating technology of optical measurement, image analysis and pattern recognition, CAS.AU take the leading position in the fully automatic high speed pixel detection system for LED displays, and win the market quickly. The products are widely used during the R&D, production, quality control and project service for LED displays.
  • 2017-03-07

    VU launch new product of LED lighting calibrat

    LED full-color lighting is widely used in entertainment, stage, theatre, architectural lighting and other fields. However, the LED chips have color and brightnes...
  • 2016-02-18

    VU will attend the ISLE 2016

    The International Signs and LED Exhibition Guangzhou 2106 (hereinafter referred as “ISLE”) is going to be held during 24th -27th Feb 2016 in Area B, Canton F...
  • 2015-01-13

    VU sincerely invites you to visit the LED CHIN

    The 10th Guangzhou international LED expo (LED CHINA 2014) will be held on February 23-26, 2014, in Guangzhou Pazhou exhibition hall. As the leader of LED indust...
  • 2015-01-13

    VU Will Be Present at the ISE 2015

    ISE 2015 will be the largest professional AV and systems integration trade show ever held in Europe, bringing together manufacturers, distributors, integrators, ...


VU launched LED display screen white balance resistance measurement system.


VU launches Omma imaging color calibration system.


VU pixel calibration services into the terminal, the services of a number of media companies.


VU developed a VU-Smart pixel calibration system.


VU obtained VU and VUIV certification trademark registration.


VU won the title of innovative SMEs, into the focus of the Shenzhen SME training echelon.


VU obtained the high tech enterprise and the Shenzhen software enterprise..


VU was established in Nanshan District science and Technology Park..